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I'm a HEA Fellow: Ask me why

Me (Gnanaharsha Beligatamulla) at an event organised by QALT to celebrate fellows of HEA [Advace Higher Education] at QUT, Australia

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some useful Links for Academic Writing

Saturday, November 21, 2015

‘IPVLec’: Interactive and Planned Video Lecturing to Facilitate Active Learning

Gnanaharsha Beligatamulla
Department of Integrated Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Moratuwa

In the book ‘Preparing to Teach’, Gibbs and Habeshaw (1992) proposed to make a ‘lecture video’ as a quick-tip for lecturing, as follows;
“Ask your video support services to record your lecture. … Prepare handouts where students need to see diagrams or other visual detail. In class, show the video … ask questions or discuss points as they wish. … You can also use the recording later to evaluate your own performance.” (p. 47)
Starting from the above quote and associated literature, ‘Interactive and Planned Video Lecturing’ (IPVLec) is a system of facilitating active learning that was developed in a ‘Learning Agreement’ implemented at the ‘Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education’ (CTHE)[1] course. Most supportive videos downloaded from the internet are done in foreign countries and it is sometimes hard to recognize the words due to narrators’ accent or some parts are not matching with my lecture flow. But here in my ‘IPVLec’ students hear their lecturer’s voice which is familiar to them. Lecture flow is predetermined and everything is relevant and arranged properly.
This study on interactive and planned video lectures was carried out as an ‘action research’. The hypothesis was that students will be motivated by watching an in-house video and will actively engage with the lecture thus improving their memory retention. In addition the lecturer is able to manage time better.

[1] ‘Learning Agreements’ are designed to practice the theories of teaching-learning-assessments while following the ‘Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education’ (CTHE) at Staff Development Center, University of Colombo